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Joining Online Casinos in New Zealand

There are quite a number of online casinos in New Zealand that offer great innovations in the world of online gaming. Most of these online casinos often come with great and amazing graphics, sounds, special bonus features and excellent operational speeds. A good number of them are also installed with innovations for gaming that increase chances for winning great amounts of real money and with many being fast withdrawal casinos. There are therefore many online casinos in New Zealand that of great reputation and are highly trustworthy, for you to join. You must however have a guide that will lead you to some of the best that will give you great winning opportunities.

What to take note of before Joining Online Casinos in New Zealand

1. Safety and Legality of the Online Casinos in New Zealand

Irrespective of whether you are playing for fun, or even to earn some cash, your safety must be one of the things that must be highly prioritized. You must ensure that you do your due diligence on whatever casino you are planning on actually joining. This measure will ensure that your privacy is not tampered with. A breach of your privacy may lead to your data bio being easily leaked to potential hackers. When you are out looking for the best online casinos in New Zealand, you must go for the ones that all the necessary protections and licenses effectively in place. You need to ensure that the casino is protected by a valid gaming licence from a regulatory body that is fully trusted. An example of the latter is the Malta Gaming Licensing Authority. With such a certification, you can rest assured that the online gaming casino offers transactions that are encrypted and very fair games. Additionally, these licensing authorities often work to increase the commitments of the gaming providers to offering fully responsible gaming options.

2. Online Bonuses

If you are looking to join an online casino in New Zealand, then you must be made aware of the many bonuses and gaming offers that often offered to players. Some of these bonuses often range from free spins; to some bonuses that you get offered when you refer a friend to the game. In as much as many of these bonuses may seem very enticing to you as a player, you must bear in mind that some of them are offered at a price. For instance, some online casinos may require you to fulfil some requirements before you get bonuses. For this reason, you may have to make some deposit into your account or even play a couple of games; before being eligible to be awarded a bonus. However, some other online casinos award bonuses freely; without any requirements whatsoever, solely as a way of attracting new users to their sites. You can actually go for these because their sole purpose is often just to help the new players get boosted on their new journey in the online casino. You can look out for other helpful promotions that can help increase your chances of winning when you join an online casino. There are actually quite several online casino sites in New Zealand that give offers for loyalty and VIP programs; which are often awarded to the most active players. You, therefore, stand a greater chance of winning through such programs.

3. The Variety of different Game Selections

Before committing yourself to join an online casino in New Zealand, you must be in know about the different game types that you will like most. Many online casinos may tend to have a variety of slots online, but when it comes to table games, the offer and selections may be very weak; or the other way round. This notwithstanding, all the best online casinos in New Zealand that are governed by a regulatory authority should be in a position to offer what each gambling player needs in terms of selections of the games. Some of the most popular games in the New Zealand online casino sites include video poker, baccarat, pokies, blackjack and many others.

4. Mobile Casino

Many lovers of online casino games nowadays prefer options through which they can play anywhere, at any time; on the go. This is something you need to confirm, especially if you are the type that prefers playing using mobile devices, instead of using PCs. You should thus confirm if the platform you are planning to join is readily available on tablets and mobile phone devices. Additionally, you can test the experience of playing casino games on a mobile device before you make the final decision to join. You can do this by loading it onto your mobile device, then experiment with exactly how it works.

5. Options for Making Deposits

Before you join an online casino in New Zealand, you need to pay very close attention to the available paying options that the particular online casino offers. Many of these casinos have quite several options for withdrawing and depositing money from the online system they offer. Some of these include cryptocurrencies, cards, bank transfers, e-wallets and several other options. Of importance to note is that some casinos may not have a system that best supports the payment option that you are planning on using. This is the main reason why it is very important to confirm the available payment options before deciding on joining the casino. You should also take keen note of the minimums and maximum limits for withdrawals. This is very crucial, especially when you are having plans to make big deposits of money.

6. User and Professional Reviews

You must be keen to check the kind of reviews that an online casino has. You should only choose and join one that has got positive reviews. On the contrary, try and avoid at all costs; the ones that have negative reviews, that may give you trouble as a player, and thus inhibit you from maximizing your winning potentials. You should however note that some people may give negative reviews, only because they did not have the luck to win. Ensure therefore that you go through quite a considerable number of reviews, to enable you to make a sober choice.

7. Customer Service Support

You should ensure always, that the customer service support of the platform you are planning on joining is very responsive and available 24/7. This is important because, as a new player, you might have some questions to ask, or may even encounter some difficulties while playing. You, therefore, need to have a platform that will give you the kind of help you are looking for, very promptly, without any delays. Great support from the customer service desk of any game is very essential and will even enable the site to get positive reviews that will end up attracting more players to their respective platforms.


Technological development in New Zealand has led to the popularization of the online casino industry. For this reason, many people have grown interested in joining the different online casino platforms available. There are, however, several things you must take note of, before joining any online gaming site. The above-described guide will be of great help in helping you choose the very best, out of the many sites available for casino deposits in New Zealand. This way your chances of winning will be increased greatly.

How to Stop Gambling Addiction in Casinos


Compulsive gambling, also called gambling addiction, is a serious term and a condition that is taking the lives of millions of people. According to reports, almost 2.6% (10 million) people of the United States alone experience gambling problems every year. This even implies to the people that undergo debs and the ones that cannot associate themselves with gambling addiction.

In this article, let’s discuss some of the ways by which people can prevent themselves from addiction or take precautional steps sooner or later.

Understanding the problem

If you cannot understand the root of the problem, then it can never be fixed. Hence, understanding the problem, especially understanding that the activity of gambling causes addiction can solve 50% of the problem. According to studies, gambling is considered as an issue of the mental health that can be triggered severely by drugs and alcohol. You might have a compulsive gambling disorder if you:

  • Feel the need to gamble all the time
  • Feel irritated or restlessness if you do not gamble
  • Find yourself always preoccupied with gambling
  • Find gambling sites online and casinos offline to manage and cope with your stress
  • Need financial support to clear debts from gambling


Support groups

Once you recognize you have a gambling problem, no matter how severe they are, it is important to seek help in need of the hour. The best way to do it is to join a support group that is maintained by people or organizations to help people suffering from gambling addiction. They provide different approaches to gambling problems and help people in bringing them out of their current situations.

Postpone gambling

Addictions are associated with cravings. A crave or a strong urge to gamble all the time prevails in the minds of the compulsive gamblers. Although cravings are intense during the beginning phase of avoiding gambling, they do not last forever. As long as you can find an alternative to your gambling experience, and stay away from online gambling sites and casinos, then you are out of danger.

Find alternatives to casino entertainment.

Compulsive gamblers generally get hooked to casinos during their free time, because they do not find interest in any other activity. Hence, during the recovery phase, it is important for them to stay away from the online casino sites as well as the streets that have casino establishment, in order to avoid a trigger or a potential relapse. Instead, they can indulge in other activities like

  • Mediation
  • Travelling
  • Volunteering at a shelter or a hospital
  • Spending time with family and friends.

Bottom Line

Compulsive gambling or gambling addiction is one of the most dangerous forms of addiction to which people lose their money and lives. Many casinos even offer programs to their regular customers, in the watch for such compulsive gambling behaviours.


Best Drinks to Order in a Casino

For the novice or the seasoned gamblers, drinking alcohol is an integral part of the entire casino gambling experience. While for the others, they expect the casino waitresses to serve them free libations, which of course possess secondary motive than your pleasure. While most casino ambiences offer free drinks to keep you hooked to the seats and your pockets looser, there is no argument in the fact that a good drink can enhance the gambling experience in a casino. However, there are three primary rules while ordering a drink on the casino ambience;

  • Don’t pay to get fancy. Like mentioned earlier, a majority of the casinos offer free or complimentary drinks to the paying customers. Hence during such times, ordering a cocktail or a spirit is considered remotely obscure. If you wish to grab this opportunity with both hands and try to get the best drink in the house, then do not hesitate to get to the bar and order the most expensive one off the shelf.
  • You ought to keep in mind that you’re not the only one on the ambience that is getting a free drink. However, if you wish to order the most expensive one, it all comes back to you in different ways – the management is smart like that. Hence, instead of ordering the most high-end brand or the cheapest brand, stick to a mid-level brand.
  • The waiter or the waitress attending you can go off shift anytime. Hence it is important to tip your waiter/waitress after every drink. If you can’t afford to tip for a free drink, then you probably should not be gambling.

Best drink to order

Now we’ve established the etiquettes of ordering a free drink. Further ahead, we’ll see the best drinks to order.

Water:  Alcohol is certainly meant for enhancing the gambling experience. But too much of the alcohol can turn you into a slot machine, that is lending out money. If you have a low tolerance to alcohol, then you might as well just stick to water.

Straight spirits: Anything that comprises of booze, ice and soda, is a free spirit. However, you have to be extremely cautious before ordering one—a safe bet is to stick to two ingredients – on the rocks or just with ice.

Scotch and soda: It is as simple as that – just the alcohol and a soda which can give you a right buzz, whilst keeping you sane.

Screwdriver: It is an amalgamation of orange juice and vodka. The orange juice will give the sugar high you require, and vodka is vodka- you cannot have fun with it.

Vodka and Redbull:  Sticking to basics can be the best option, because you’re gambling all night and almost close to burning a hole in your pocket, so might as well stick to basics while you do that.

How to Entertain Yourself When Visiting A Casino for the First Time

There are several forms of entertainment available to people today. Some people love going to the movies, others love attending concerts, while some others enjoy having fun at a local casino. However, there are still many people who still hesitate to visit casinos in spite of the fact that there are no reasons for that. If you have the money and just want to have fun, there is no reason not to enjoy a few gambling games. Casinos are no longer stigmatised and are regulated, funds are safe, have security, and everything is designed for maximum pleasure to the players. Online casinos also provide a comfortable alternative to the traditional brick and mortar casinos. Search for good quality casinos that offer no-deposit bonuses and choose the best place you feel works best for you.

  • One of the most important things to consider is never to gamble with money you cannot afford to lose because it is a sure way to get yourself in a lot of trouble. Put some money set aside for entertainment on the side and use it for fun purposes, such as for casino gambling.
  • It is best to learn the rules of the games you are planning to play. This way, you will know what to expect, and you will avoid misunderstandings.
  • If not strict about their dress codes, dress comfortably while going to the casino. Have a phone or a watch, anything that can tell the time. Casinos neither have clocks nor windows, so if you want to keep track of how much time you spent playing, it is advisable to bring some essential items like the ones mentioned above.


  • Casino games are played mostly based on pure luck, so try not to be superstitious while playing. Avoid believing that something good or bad will happen in the game just because you did something to someone a few years ago. In a casino game, two unrelated things are never connected to each other. Simply enjoy the no-deposit bonuses you got and forget about superstition.
  • Keep yourself hydrated while playing, but it is best to avoid drinking alcohol to do so. Alcohol affects your judgement and is known to slow down your thinking process, which will inevitably eventually lead to a loss. Never chase your losses by increasing your bets. Keep in mind that you are playing for having a bit of fun and not for becoming rich overnight.
  • There is no need to be shy when entering and playing at a casino. Nobody knows everything, so if there is something you do not know and want to be clarified, all you have to do is ask. The casino staff will explain everything and are there to serve the customers in the best way possible.


What To Expect If You Are Going To A Casino For The First Time

If you are new to the casino business, there are a lot of things you need to know about it. Here are some things to expect if you go to a casino for the first time.

Follow The Rules

Every land-based brick and mortar casino has specific rules, which varies from casino to casino, For example, some casinos have dress codes which are enforced very strictly while others are laxer about it, some restrict drinking and smoking as per county or city laws, and even the rules of games may differ from how you may have been playing them in the past. Be sure to read what is posted to avoid any confusion or in the worst-case scenario any arguments. For example, if you want to take a photo along with your friends inside the casino, you might have to ask first. Most casinos do not permit photography inside the premises, and casino managers and pit bosses don’t take too kindly to people who break the rules. The rules are almost always posted outside the establishment by the entrance, and if anything seems unclear, you can always ask a floor manager or an employee.

Get Familiar

It helps to have a good look around and familiarize yourself with the surroundings. All the swarms of people, bright lights and paraphernalia of gaming activity, even though a heck of a lot of fun, makes it easy for a person to forget that they are in a building designed for keeping them there as long as possible. It is more analogous to a labyrinth than a prison, so it is good to keep a watch or phone on you to keep track of the time. Dealers won’t allow them inside the casino, so don’t leave it on a game table. The same can be said in the case of online casinos where you can have a look around first, check out the list of games, go over to the bonus codes section and study the offers that could potentially help you increase your playtime and bankroll.

Drinks Aren’t Always Free.

Most casinos offer complimentary drinks on the house to encourage people to loosen up their nerves and play freely. They may have servers walking the casino floors offering everything from drinks to food to vouchers. Everything will be brought to your table or slot machine if you are in the middle of a game. However, if you decide to drink at the table, try to use a cup holder so that there is less chance you might spill a drink. However, the drinks and food would not be free unless they got something else for it, which is your money. If you play a lot or are a regular customer, you may pay more money than you intend to, so giving you a drink or two is still profitable for them in the long run. Therefore try to avoid drinks at the casino.


Online Casino Tips for First Time Players

Choosing an online casino can be overwhelming these days, especially for first-time players. The internet is a vast sea of opportunities for gaming, but they need to start somewhere. The first step for new players should be research – lots and lots of it. If you are not prepared to do the slightest research on the casino you are tempted by, chances are you are going to be thoroughly disappointed in yourself. Although the majority of online casinos claim to be the best online casino there is, they can’t obviously all be the best. There are shortcomings in terms of which one could end up helping you win a fortune. So here are a few tips for first-time online casino goers.


Google is Your Friend

A quick google search for the top cassino can deliver substantial results which include proper player reviews as well as reviews from online casino companies who have had experience with the operators, details such as those on famous online casino reviewing websites. All of this is vital information, including content exclusively to help a first-time player.

Welcome Offers

Welcome offers are bonuses that casinos give to players on their first deposit. The vast majority of casinos offer welcome bonuses as a means of attracting new customers. However, a very high bonus could result in a large amount of expenditure before being allowed to make a withdrawal, which brings us to the next section – wagering requirements.

Wagering Requirements

Every casino requires players to meet specific expenditure criteria to redeem bonuses. Most bonuses, anything from reloads, deposit boots, free spins and even cashback offers all come with some form of wagering requirements. For instance, a player makes a deposit of twenty dollars for a 100% welcome offer which will be Instantly applied to the player’s account as a twenty dollar bonus. So that gives the player forty dollars to play with. This means that wagering requirements on that welcome offer were 20 times the initial investment. To make things simple, that is 800 dollars if you put in another 40. Wagering terms vary from none at all to very high, and the higher the terms, the less chance you have of cashing out from a bonus. Decline such offers and try to play only with your cash. That way, you never have to meet red tape stipulations when making a withdrawal.


Confirmation Of Identity

Nobody wants to wait longer than they have to for their winnings, and in spite of withdrawals going through what is called a ‘processing phase’, there are things you can do to speed up that process. However, you will have to confirm you are who you claim you are before being able to cash out. It is a stipulation made necessary by the UK Gambling Commission for all gambling houses. You will need to have a copy of a driver’s license, an image of your card and possibly even a utility bill from the last 3-months.

7 Things First Time Casino Visitors Should Know

Minimum Age Requirement

This may not come as a complete surprise, but casinos generally have a minimum age limit for those looking to gamble. This can vary from 18 to 21, depending on the country you are from. Every country has its own specific gambling rules and age limit, so ensure that you carry a valid ID when you visit.

Find Out What The House Rules Are

Every casino has its own unique set of rules that differ from one casino to the other. These may be restrictions on drinking and smoking or strict dress codes. Some casinos do not allow photography inside. Therefore, be sure to check the rules which will usually be posted outside the establishment, or if it is not there, ask a floor manager or employee.

Change Your Cash Into Chips

Most casinos require the players to make bets in casino chips or with casino credit. Cash can be changed into chips at the table where the player plans to play, or visit the cashier’s cage. Additionally, try to bring a certain amount of cash with you as it will help both keep a check on your budget and avoid the high rates for withdrawing money at on-site ATMs.

Know The Games You Want To Play

Research the casino you plan to visit and understand what they have to offer. Whether you’re not familiar with the game, or merely a bit rusty, practising before you play can help you feel more comfortable. Don’t hesitate to ask the casino staff if you have any doubts or questions.

Take Your Time In Deciding

Walk around the casino a bit and try to get an idea of what games are on offer before deciding what to play. With all the constant activity, bright lights and crowds of people, it is quite natural to feel a bit lost. There is no need to feel embarrassed if the only thing you can afford is a minimum buy-in because a casino is a place to have fun.


Know Your Limits

There are minimum and maximum bets that can be placed at each table, so even though managing your money is the last thing you want to be doing when you are busy having a good time, it is essential to keep track of what you are spending your money on. In addition, it is probably a good idea to decide how much you can afford to lose before starting to play so that you have an idea on when to stop.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are one of the most popular games at casinos because they are easy to play, have massive jackpot offerings, and are also extremely profitable to the casino. On the downside, however, they also have the highest house edge in the casino.

7 Types of Gamblers


These gamblers are not in the casino for money. Instead, they have fun socializing with others while enjoying the games. They are usually successful young people who hang out in casinos with their friends or make new friends. They enjoy free drinks and go back to their lives when they are tired. Since they are not much experienced or interested in gaming, they are your best chance to win against.

Serious social gamblers

These are the social gamblers who eventually develop a taste for gambling. They have their favorite casino games, which they like to try out every weekend. They start seeing gambling as a way to feel superior and enjoy their games. While doing so, they still have control over their money and know when they have had enough. However, they are also on their first step to becoming a pro player or a compulsive gambler.

Escape gamblers

These personalities in the casinos are usually the ones who are looking for an escape in their lives. They look for ways to be happy and indulge in activities such as gambling, drinking, and using substances. They may also have multiple drug addictions, which is not a sign of a healthy gambler. Escape gamblers do not care whether they win or lose, but they like to play aggressive when challenged.


Conservative gamblers

These gamblers are the tourists who want to experience gambling once in their lives, alongside skydiving, scuba diving, and other things on their bucket list. They spend their vacations in casino resorts and enjoy playing different games. Once their vacation is over, they go back to their usual lives. It is highly unlikely that they will ever return back to casinos to play again.

Personality gamblers

These gamblers are the ones that you should be careful about. They may look friendly on the outside, but they use deception, cheats, and lies to win money in any way they seem is right. They do not mind crossing the lines if it will make them rich. They may also spend hours building cheating devices and tricks. Personality gamblers are also antisocial and may put you in trouble if you become a part of their plan.

Compulsive gambler

A compulsive gambler is the one who makes all the bad decisions throughout their career in gambling. They lack the right money management, self-control, and understanding of the consequences of problem gambling. They spend too much time and money on the games than they can afford and find themselves in crippling debts in the future. Their gambling problem may also affect their relationships, work-life, and other things. If you are planning to gamble, chasing the losses is the first mistake you must avoid.

Professional gamblers

These are the pros who have managed to build a reputation and a big fortune for themselves with their years of study and discipline. They practice their choice of games professionally. Several pros have gambling as their primary source of income. They build strategies, study their opponents, and take part in tournaments that offer them a competitive platform to use their skills. They are self-composed and rational in every decision they make. In simple terms, they are the exact opposite of compulsive gamblers while playing the games.

Why Online Casino Platforms are Better?

In the age of modern technology, the gaming industry is one of the industries that is implementing the most tech and programs to create new interactive gaming platforms. The new VR and AR technology is also getting the most highlight in the gaming industry. Casino gaming is over two decades old now and has made a major impact on the internet. There are more players than ever who know and enjoy playing games like poker, slot machines, and blackjack. Earlier, this was only possible by visiting the real brick and mortar casinos. While these real casinos are still an entertaining option, there are several benefits that online casino platforms provide, making them a better choice for pros and beginners.

Ease of access

Online casino platforms are easy to access and offer plenty of options to choose from. You can visit any of the casino platforms online and start playing immediately. Ease of access is one of the major reasons why several professional gamers have switched to online platforms. They can now play their favourite games in the comfort of their homes and enjoy maximum comfort and convenience.

High rewards

Online casinos have an international audience that they want to have on the platform. There is more competition between casinos online than the land-based casinos. In order to gain players’ attention, online casinos offer several bonuses and promotions. The players can enjoy playing free games and getting rewards in all major casino platforms online, which is not a feature they would receive in any land-based casino. One can even play for free using these bonuses and then switch to a new casino to avail their bonuses.

Safe and anonymous

Online casino platforms need to provide high security to their players as there is money involved. They make sure to implement the best security in order to keep their players’ accounts safe. It also helps the players from the countries where gambling is restricted to join the platforms and play anonymously. Countries like Japan have restricted gambling, but the players from japan can log into online platforms anonymously and enjoy their favourite games.

Money management

Online casinos can help gamblers save a lot of money and also manage it better. There are plenty of responsible gambling features we can find in online casinos today. Players can set limits for their daily bets and keep their bankroll safe. Playing online also saves a lot of time and money that gets consumed while travelling to a brick and mortar casino, paying for accommodation, food, and other activities, while also spending on games.

Choice of games

Online casino platforms have a lot more space to add more games every week or month. Brick and mortar casinos need to expand their area if they want to incorporate more games, but it is not a big deal for online casinos. Players can find thousands of varieties of slot machines and table games that they can play instantly without having to wait in line.

Eating and Drinking for Free in a Casino

Gone are those times when casinos were just establishments where people could gamble and go back home. In recent times, it has turned out to become a great place for having fun and also winning some money. This means people ought to be hooked to their chairs for a significant amount of time – hence the introduction of drinks and restaurants inside the ambience.

With so many options available in the ambience, spending a lot of time and money can be expensive on the gamblers’ pockets. Rumour has it that most casinos around the world provide free drinks and food to their customers.

But until and unless people have actually been inside a casino ambience, they will never know. Let’s find out more about the free drinks and food in a casino!

Complimentary drinks

Like mentioned earlier, winning more money forces people to sit at the table for a longer duration of time or spend their precious time playing almost every game in the ambience- which can leave them thirsty.

When the gamblers are involved in their games at the slot machines and blackjack tables, they often need to take a trip to the bar in order to quench their thirst. But is it really necessary to get out of the seat, at the cost of buying a drink?

A majority of the casinos and casino establishments serve free cocktails and drinks to the customers. However, here’s the key –These free drinks can be availed only by those customers that are genuinely paying at a casino. For instance, if you’re at a blackjack table or a slot machine, involved in your game, then you might probably be asked your favourite drink- of course on the house.

Casino establishments do this for various reasons:

  • They wish to keep the customers in the ambience for as long as they can. The longer they stay, the greater casinos make money.
  • Offering free drinks can enhance casino reputation and guarantee their return.

Casino meals

Okay, now you’re steadily gambling at the table and surviving on those drinks. But, you get hungry, and you decide to head to a nearby restaurant. Or, alternatively, you can sit at the table and make use of the comps the casinos offer their customers.

Although not everyone in the ambience will be entitled to a free meal, they can avail the complimentary meals and discounts on certain cuisines from the inbuilt casino resultants. These perks and advantages can enhance if you’re a member of the casino club.

Bottom Line

You do not have to spend a lot on food and drinks in a casino – if you’re already spending them on the games. The resourcefulness of providing free food and drinks is a part of the casino business strategy, and there is no harm in availing those perks.


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