7 Types of Gamblers

These gamblers are not in the casino for money. Instead, they have fun socializing with others while enjoying the games. They are usually successful young people who hang out in casinos with their friends or make new friends. They enjoy free drinks and go back to their lives when they are tired. Since they are not much experienced or interested in gaming, they are your best chance to win against.

Serious social gamblers

These are the social gamblers who eventually develop a taste for gambling. They have their favorite casino games, which they like to try out every weekend. They start seeing gambling as a way to feel superior and enjoy their games. While doing so, they still have control over their money and know when they have had enough. However, they are also on their first step to becoming a pro player or a compulsive gambler.

Escape gamblers

These personalities in the casinos are usually the ones who are looking for an escape in their lives. They look for ways to be happy and indulge in activities such as gambling, drinking, and using substances. They may also have multiple drug addictions, which is not a sign of a healthy gambler. Escape gamblers do not care whether they win or lose, but they like to play aggressive when challenged.


Conservative gamblers

These gamblers are the tourists who want to experience gambling once in their lives, alongside skydiving, scuba diving, and other things on their bucket list. They spend their vacations in casino resorts and enjoy playing different games. Once their vacation is over, they go back to their usual lives. It is highly unlikely that they will ever return back to casinos to play again.

Personality gamblers

These gamblers are the ones that you should be careful about. They may look friendly on the outside, but they use deception, cheats, and lies to win money in any way they seem is right. They do not mind crossing the lines if it will make them rich. They may also spend hours building cheating devices and tricks. Personality gamblers are also antisocial and may put you in trouble if you become a part of their plan.

Compulsive gambler

A compulsive gambler is the one who makes all the bad decisions throughout their career in gambling. They lack the right money management, self-control, and understanding of the consequences of problem gambling. They spend too much time and money on the games than they can afford and find themselves in crippling debts in the future. Their gambling problem may also affect their relationships, work-life, and other things. If you are planning to gamble, chasing the losses is the first mistake you must avoid.

Professional gamblers

These are the pros who have managed to build a reputation and a big fortune for themselves with their years of study and discipline. They practice their choice of games professionally. Several pros have gambling as their primary source of income. They build strategies, study their opponents, and take part in tournaments that offer them a competitive platform to use their skills. They are self-composed and rational in every decision they make. In simple terms, they are the exact opposite of compulsive gamblers while playing the games.