Best Drinks to Order in a Casino

For the novice or the seasoned gamblers, drinking alcohol is an integral part of the entire casino gambling experience. While for the others, they expect the casino waitresses to serve them free libations, which of course possess secondary motive than your pleasure. While most casino ambiences offer free drinks to keep you hooked to the seats and your pockets looser, there is no argument in the fact that a good drink can enhance the gambling experience in a casino. However, there are three primary rules while ordering a drink on the casino ambience;

  • Don’t pay to get fancy. Like mentioned earlier, a majority of the casinos offer free or complimentary drinks to the paying customers. Hence during such times, ordering a cocktail or a spirit is considered remotely obscure. If you wish to grab this opportunity with both hands and try to get the best drink in the house, then do not hesitate to get to the bar and order the most expensive one off the shelf.
  • You ought to keep in mind that you’re not the only one on the ambience that is getting a free drink. However, if you wish to order the most expensive one, it all comes back to you in different ways – the management is smart like that. Hence, instead of ordering the most high-end brand or the cheapest brand, stick to a mid-level brand.
  • The waiter or the waitress attending you can go off shift anytime. Hence it is important to tip your waiter/waitress after every drink. If you can’t afford to tip for a free drink, then you probably should not be gambling.

Best drink to order

Now we’ve established the etiquettes of ordering a free drink. Further ahead, we’ll see the best drinks to order.

Water:  Alcohol is certainly meant for enhancing the gambling experience. But too much of the alcohol can turn you into a slot machine, that is lending out money. If you have a low tolerance to alcohol, then you might as well just stick to water.

Straight spirits: Anything that comprises of booze, ice and soda, is a free spirit. However, you have to be extremely cautious before ordering one—a safe bet is to stick to two ingredients – on the rocks or just with ice.

Scotch and soda: It is as simple as that – just the alcohol and a soda which can give you a right buzz, whilst keeping you sane.

Screwdriver: It is an amalgamation of orange juice and vodka. The orange juice will give the sugar high you require, and vodka is vodka- you cannot have fun with it.

Vodka and Redbull:  Sticking to basics can be the best option, because you’re gambling all night and almost close to burning a hole in your pocket, so might as well stick to basics while you do that.