Fun casinos near you

Fun Casinos Near You

Are you looking for some enjoyable moment away from your home or work? Perhaps you’re looking for a place you can go, relax and have fun? There are many ways you can spend your free time and enjoy relaxation but, have you ever considered trying fun casinos near you? Visiting land-based casinos near your city can leave you with an enchanting experience. You have a chance to meet people and make new friends. The casinos have different games to play or watch others play while learning how to navigate different games. In addition to that, you have a chance to win cash and enjoy other niceties such as excellent food and drinks, state-of-the-art restaurants and hotels, and a chance to enjoy VIP status.

If you love rolling the dice, spinning the wheel, or playing table games, you’ll enjoy playing the most amazing games in your casinos. You’ll find many table games like Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat. Slot machines will come in handy to offer you a chance to play the most exciting slot games. We have looked into the most exciting casinos in New Zealand to visit and have more fun as you increase your chances of winning real cash. Keep reading to know which are the fun casinos near you.

Skycity Auckland Casino

If you’re a New Zealander and a gaming enthusiast, SkyCity Auckland Casino is the best in-house casino to visit and enjoy the fun there. The casino is located at the base of Sky Tower in the Central Business District of Auckland. The casino is run by SkyCity Entertainment Group and boasts its large floors and a plethora of slot machines and table games.

There’s much more you’ll find inside the large building. The restaurants will provide you with a variety of European and Italian dishes. They have the Sugar Club, where you can dine with other like-minded fellows while enjoying a selection of excellent dishes for lunch and dinner. If you want to enjoy a better treat with tender meats and seafood, you can visit The Grill, where you’ll enjoy succulent and exquisite meals. You can enjoy eating the Raw plate of king salmon, kingfish, yellowfin tuna, and snapper. You’ll also find other meals like Japanese Sushi and many others.

Visiting SkyCity Auckland Casino will introduce you to elegant rooms if you want to spend a few days there. The rooms are air-conditioned with refrigerators, flat-screen televisions, and a wireless internet connection. You’ll also enjoy other recreational activities when you visit their Spa as you wait for your suitable time to go and play your favorite games.

SkyCity Auckland Casino Games

The casino has more than 2000 slot machines and more than 150 table games. Don’t worry about converting your New Zealand currency to play the games since the casino accepts the NZ$. The gaming machines in SkyCity Casino will offer you a wide range of games that you’ll enjoy playing throughout your stay. Some machines offer minimum bets so you can play fun games while taking care of your budget. Table games available include Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and poker games. Poker games come in five versions, including 3 Card Poker, Texas Hold’Em, Caribbean Stud, Lunar Poker, and the plain old regular Poker.

SkyCity Auckland Casino will treat you as their valued customer when you become a regular player with the casino and spend a considerable amount with them. They’ll offer you V.I.P status and allow you to play the VIP table games. The VIP status comes with several privileges such as private VIP parking, private smoking balcony, and invites to luxurious surroundings.

Dunedin Casino

Dunedin Casino is located in the city of Dunedin in New Zealand. The land-based casino has more exciting games you’ll enjoy playing while winning money. Dunedin Casino is made for players who are looking for time off from the daily struggles of life. Once you go in, there is a playful spirit made for Kiwis to have fun as they enjoy playing intriguing games.

The casino boasts of its large floor holding table games and slot machines. The Dunedin Casino hotel will offer you an enchanting experience. It has restaurants and bars where gamblers can go to rest after spending time playing casino games. You’ll enjoy excellent meals such as buffet dinner and drinks to help you recover from a daylong of gambling. While still relaxing, you’ll enjoy fantastic music from their bands and enjoy other entertainments from comedians and actors.

If you want to remain near the casino for a few days to enjoy playing more games, Dunedin has the best accommodations for you. You can spend your nights in the Scenic Hotel Southern Cross with friends or family. The hotel is located within the casino, so you don’t have to worry about missing exciting moments at the casino with other like-minded fellows.

Dunedin Casino Games

You’ll enjoy playing highly advanced table games, slot machines, and poker games at Dunedin Casino. Players in New Zealand can enjoy playing games while winning real money. The casino offers 12 table games and 180 electronic gaming machines. You can enjoy playing live poker games, table games such as Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack. You’ll also enjoy playing any game of your choice while interacting with other punters on the floor.

Christchurch Casino

Christchurch Casino is located in Christchurch, offering casino games that punters in New Zealand enjoy playing. The casino offers live entertainment, excellent dining, promotions, and many giveaways. As a New Zealand gambler, you’ll always have a reason to visit Christchurch Casino. Besides playing games, you’ll enjoy relaxing with friends or family in The Grand Café, Chi Kitchen, Valley Bar, and Mashina. If you want to relax while watching live games on the screens, you can visit their Monza Sports Bar. The bar will offer you drinks to cool your head off as you watch many live events on their huge screens.

If you’d like to spend a few days near the Christchurch casino, you’ll find modern and luxurious rooms near the casino. Book with The George Christchurch, Fino Hotel and Suites, Sudima Christchurch City, among others. The casino will only allow you in with a standard dressing code. You have to dress smartly in neat attire. They also don’t allow players to come in with track pants or blue and black jeans.

Christchurch Casino Games

Enjoy playing table games and electronic gaming machines of your choice at Christchurch Casino. The casino features 500 gaming machines and 36 table and poker games. Which are the table games? They include American Roulette, Blackjack, Midi-Baccarat, Money Wheel, 3 Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Rapid Roulette, and Tai Sai. Find your favorite table or machine games and enjoy promotions and offers available. The casino also encourages gamblers to play games they can afford. This ensures that you play low-stake games, have more fun, and win more cash.


You can have more fun playing casino games near you. After a long week at work, you don’t have to slouch on your couch as you wait for the next week to continue with the everyday boring life at work. New Zealand has land-based casinos you can visit to have tremendous relief as you play casino games and other recreational activities. Visit our top three casinos at SkyCity Auckland, Dunedin, and Christchurch to play table games, pokers, and machine games. You’ll also enjoy much more exciting experiences like foods and drinks in restaurants and bars. If you want to spend a few days near your casino, you’ll find readily available rooms within your casino’s building or others that are near the casino.