Online Casino Tips for First Time Players

Choosing an online casino can be overwhelming these days, especially for first-time players. The internet is a vast sea of opportunities for gaming, but they need to start somewhere. The first step for new players should be research – lots and lots of it. If you are not prepared to do the slightest research on the casino you are tempted by, chances are you are going to be thoroughly disappointed in yourself. Although the majority of online casinos claim to be the best online casino there is, they can’t obviously all be the best. There are shortcomings in terms of which one could end up helping you win a fortune. So here are a few tips for first-time online casino goers.


Google is Your Friend

A quick google search for the top cassino can deliver substantial results which include proper player reviews as well as reviews from online casino companies who have had experience with the operators, details such as those on famous online casino reviewing websites. All of this is vital information, including content exclusively to help a first-time player.

Welcome Offers

Welcome offers are bonuses that casinos give to players on their first deposit. The vast majority of casinos offer welcome bonuses as a means of attracting new customers. However, a very high bonus could result in a large amount of expenditure before being allowed to make a withdrawal, which brings us to the next section – wagering requirements.

Wagering Requirements

Every casino requires players to meet specific expenditure criteria to redeem bonuses. Most bonuses, anything from reloads, deposit boots, free spins and even cashback offers all come with some form of wagering requirements. For instance, a player makes a deposit of twenty dollars for a 100% welcome offer which will be Instantly applied to the player’s account as a twenty dollar bonus. So that gives the player forty dollars to play with. This means that wagering requirements on that welcome offer were 20 times the initial investment. To make things simple, that is 800 dollars if you put in another 40. Wagering terms vary from none at all to very high, and the higher the terms, the less chance you have of cashing out from a bonus. Decline such offers and try to play only with your cash. That way, you never have to meet red tape stipulations when making a withdrawal.


Confirmation Of Identity

Nobody wants to wait longer than they have to for their winnings, and in spite of withdrawals going through what is called a ‘processing phase’, there are things you can do to speed up that process. However, you will have to confirm you are who you claim you are before being able to cash out. It is a stipulation made necessary by the UK Gambling Commission for all gambling houses. You will need to have a copy of a driver’s license, an image of your card and possibly even a utility bill from the last 3-months.